Business Divorce and Shareholder Relations

Our founder, Neal A. Jacobs, is one of the early practitioners in the field of Business Divorce. He has litigated and favorably resolved many Business Divorce cases and is often called on in owner or generational disputes in closely held companies. Learn how you can benefit from our team’s experience.

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Commercial Litigation

Aggressive, successful, experienced, innovative trial lawyers and litigators comprise the Commercial Litigation Practice at Jacobs Law Group. We have successfully tried jury, non-jury and arbitration matters in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and elsewhere in the United States. Our commercial litigation attorneys in Pennsylvania and New Jersey have earned our reputation in our practice areas.

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Corporate and Transactional Law

Our Corporate Practice counsels our privately held and middle market clients in the most significant aspects of business operations. From business planning to day-to-day operations and complex transactions we are a one-stop solution for today’s middle market and emerging growth companies.

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Corporate Governance

Corporate governance matters are an integral component of Jacobs Law Group's corporate practice. We routinely represent clients in structuring investments, shareholder rights and member rights, and obligations. It is because of this that we are partnered with The Tomorrow Group to provide confidential board review services through the Board Equity Partners.

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Labor and Employment

Jacobs Law Group Labor and Employment Department provides practical business and legal advice, and representation to both employers and individuals in all aspects of labor and employment law. We offer our clients a wide range of hands-on employment services to address all of their business and litigation needs.

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Complex Civil Litigation

In today's modern business world, many cases presented to the courts for resolution are classified as "complex," meaning that they involve multiple parties, sophisticated multifaceted legal claims, or allegations involving many millions of dollars. Present-day business, trade, and commerce frequently involve multiple relationships among enterprises and individuals, and the disruption of these relationships often leads to the filing of a complaint in the civil courts that seeks to adjudicate the rights of all parties to the lawsuit.

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Bankruptcy Litigation

Jacobs Law Group represents a wide range of clients in dealing with insolvency and reorganization. From representing Bankruptcy trustees and parties needing to litigate in Bankruptcy court, our experienced attorneys combine their knowledge of business and commercial litigation with the ability to use the bankruptcy process to our advantage. Whether it’s buying a company or it’s assets out of bankruptcy or litigating a substantial claim before the bankruptcy court our experience can assist you.

Whether in court through litigation or out of court through restructuring, we are able to fully represent the interests of creditors, debtors, officers, vendors, lessors, etc. We help our clients realize maximum value for their stake in a distressed venture.

"Bet the Company" Litigation

There may come a time for any business where a dispute arises whose resolution literally impacts the company’s survival. Whether the threat stems from a dispute with a competitor engaging in wrongful competition, or or an aggressive creditor, be it a bank or financial institution, or an unhappy customer, shareholder, or Joint Venture partner they all have one thing in common: If the threat agent is successful, it can cause the end of your business through financial or reputational ruin. When the stakes of a dispute are so high, it’s a “Bet the Company” litigation.

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Earn-Out Litigation

When buying or selling a business, there are a lot of moving pieces needed to determine the right price. How will the business perform under different management? Will loyal customers stay loyal? Will valued employees remain to help transition to the next stage of success? Will vendors continue the relationship under similar or maybe better terms? So many of tomorrow's "what ifs" make businesses concerned about how much of today's capital is the right amount to spend.

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Commercial Real Estate

Our commercial real estate practice focuses on meeting the real estate needs of privately held middle-market and small businesses. We handle a number of types of real estate transactions, including:

  • Commercial leasing, representing tenants and landlords, in leasing, subleasing, and assignment matters
  • Purchase and sale of commercial real estate
  • Mortgage loan financing for commercial real estate projects
  • Formation and capital-raising transactions for real estate entities
  • Commercial real estate disputes

Additionally, real estate issues and transactions often arise in the business divorce context. For example, a limited liability company may redeem a departing member's membership interest for real property owned by the limited liability company. This type of transaction differs from the usual arms'-length real estate sale in a number of ways, including the need to determine who should be making representations and warranties about the real estate being transferred.

Arbitration and Mediation – ADR

At Jacobs Law Group we are proud of our aggressive and experienced litigation attorneys. We are equally as proud of our ability to employ Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) techniques in seeking to achieve the client's goals. We believe that our deep experience in ADR enables us to achieve favorable solutions for clients. We understand the nuances of ADR clauses and the benefits of different structures of ADR, The skill to recognize when and which alternate means are appropriate and how to conduct such ADR proceedings is vital to the client’s interests.

Moreover, as business lawyers we are always mindful of the costs and benefits of a particular approach. This allows us to recommend structures favorable to the client. Through our knowledge and experience with both arbitration and mediation we are able to offer clients attractive alternatives to complex litigation.

Independent General Counsel

A Demonstrated Need:
Today's business climate is characterized by dense regulation and an ever-present threat of litigation. This holds true for Fortune 500 companies as well as closely held and emerging growth businesses. The latter, however, those that can be identified as the middle market, often lack the financial resources required to maintain an in-house counsel or to retain a full-time general counsel. Where, then, are these businesses expected to turn when their needs for general counsel legal services arise?

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Independent Pharmacy Legal Actions

Independent retail pharmacies are a very important part of their community. The corner pharmacy is often known in the neighborhood to provide specialized services to their customers that many people neither experience nor expect from the large chain pharmacies. Community retail pharmacists also provide the individualized and personal attention to each customer that is impossible to receive from a mail-order pharmacy. While local, independent pharmacies provide a unique professional service to their community, they are at the same time beset with complications that can seem overwhelming. Independent pharmacies are a highly regulated, yet small business that is, by necessity, intertwined with considerably larger and more powerful businesses such as: competitors, insurers, pharmacy benefit managers (PBM), wholesalers, manufacturers, suppliers, and pharmaceutical companies; as well as various federal, state and local government regulators. Despite the constant challenges they face, community pharmacies strive to keep their customers healthy and happy.

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Qui Tam Whistleblower Matters

Multiple Federal and State laws protect and reward individuals for stepping forward and reporting fraud and other misconduct by companies against the government. While the legal process for bringing such a claim can be daunting, the experienced commercial litigators at Jacobs Law Group will use their decades of experience to assist you in reporting and exposing those who defrauded the Federal and/or State government. We can help your voice be heard by those in authority to take corrective action and hold those responsible accountable.

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Resignation and Transition Planning for Executives, Professionals and Teams

The Jacobs Law Group is one of the premier providers of skilled legal and business consulting to executives, doctors, medical researchers, lawyers and teams of professionals resigning and transitioning to new professional opportunities and employment situations. Our skilled and experienced legal team has provided advice and negotiated many deals for clients who are acknowledged as thought leaders and experts in their fields.

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Securities Litigation

Jacobs Law Group has great expertise in all aspects of securities litigation, both on behalf of defrauded individuals and in representing a class or group of persons and entities in a class action. The firm is currently involved in significant lawsuits arising under the securities laws involving some of the country's largest publicly traded companies. The firm also regularly represents public companies who are threatened by such suits. The firm welcomes inquiries from individuals and institutions who believe they (or the company whose stock they own) have suffered damages by reason of a violation of the securities laws.

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