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“Bet the company” litigation is litigation that threatens the very survival of your business or company. The litigation threat can come from any direction, including:

  • inside your company, for example, shareholder lawsuits;
  • disgruntled employees turning whistleblowers;
  • employees and partners stealing confidential Company information, leaving the business and starting a competing company;
  • competitors stealing Company trade secrets in order to seize your clients;
  • third parties conspiring together to drive you out of business;
  • civil litigation exposing the Company to the risk of huge damages;
  • a challenge to your intellectual property;
  • government regulatory agencies taking action to shut down your business;
  • a criminal indictment of the company; etc.

Business owners may believe that only huge Fortune 1,000 companies are at risk of bet the company litigation. However, bet the company litigation happens routinely and can strike at privately held companies, lower middle market companies, family-owned businesses, emerging growth companies, or even high-flying start-ups as well as Fortune 500 companies.

You are betting your company’s survival on the outcome of complex litigation with multiple areas of risk and uncertainty. These cases can threaten your financial well-being, your future and your business and reputation, making it critical to contact a Philadelphia bet the company litigation lawyer as soon as possible.

At Jacobs Law Group, our attorneys are aggressive and relentless in court, but we never lose focus of our number one priority: the client’s business objectives. Sometimes, the goal is to win the lawsuit outright, but in some instances, winning is only one aspect of the client’s greater business interests. Whatever the client’s ultimate goal, we bring our advocacy skills, business acumen, and ability to see the entire “battlefield” to the fight. We have won/recovered/settled cases that cumulatively amounted to hundreds of millions of dollars for our clients in court, in direct settlement negotiations, in mediations and arbitrations, and elsewhere.  We routinely handle cases with many millions of dollars at stake.

Examples of Bet the Company Scenarios

High-profile examples of bet the company litigation are common, often dominating news outlets and tarnishing companies’ reputations. Principals for some companies have been ruled guilty of criminal fraud. Others have had to file bankruptcy to avoid the massive damages threatened against the company for its wrongdoing.  See for example Purdue Pharma and the Opioid crisis.

To prevent consumers, competitors, and others along the supply chain from losing respect for a company’s business practices, it is crucial to work with our experienced attorneys early on in the litigation process.

Some examples of bet the company litigation that our lawyers have handled in Philadelphia and across the country include the following:

  • A group of shareholders sue the company for, inter alia, mismanagement
  • A disgruntled shareholder attempts to drive the company out of business.
  • The Securities and Exchange Commission and Department of Justice investigate a company’s management for alleged criminal activity.
  • An accounting firm promotes investment in a tax shelter which fails and disgruntled investors pressure State regulators to take action against the accounting firm.
  • A law firm has massive unfunded liabilities owing to former partners and faces default and litigation.
  • A contract manufacturing company is accused of breaching its obligations to a customer, for whom it is making school furniture products, by acquiring a company in the school furniture manufacturing business and competing with its customer.
  • An asset liquidation company faces bankruptcy from breaches of a contract with a multinational company.
  • White knight acquirer staves off competitor in acquisition of bankrupt company’s business assets by proving in bankruptcy court its competitor could not close on its version of its acquisition deal.

When you are faced with bet the company litigation you need a highly skilled attorney like those from the Jacobs Law Group to step in.

The Bet the Company lawyers at the Jacobs Law Group have not just saved companies and the financial well-being of its owners, but we have also helped save jobs of employees and helped banks and other secured lenders to get repaid.

We are often asked about the size and scale of the types of disputes we handle. Size and scale are relative concepts. We recognize that every commercial dispute, no matter the size, is important to the client. To give you some guidance, Jacobs Law Group routinely litigates matters from, at the low end, just a few hundred thousand dollars to in excess of tens of millions of dollars in damages ($200,000 to $10.0 MM++), and recovered many times that in judgments and settlements. In fact, Jacobs Law Group has litigated and is litigating damage claims of upwards of over $100 MM.

Unique Challenges for High Stakes Commercial Litigation

An attorney who undertakes high-stakes commercial litigation cases must navigate various challenges. They must work with multiple interested parties, from board members, management, and shareholders to, secured lenders, regulatory authorities and opposing parties’ lawyers. All involved parties, whether aligned with the company or adversaries, may have different agendas that your counsel needs to understand.

A bet the company litigator may need to lead a team of lawyers whose expertise applies to one of the many moving parts in these complex lawsuits. At Jacobs Law Group, the bet the company litigation issues we handle are diverse in terms of the industries we serve and their legal concerns. Proper planning yields the best results, and we approach bet the company litigation with a thought-out and well-reasoned approach. Whether a lawsuit is routine in nature or characterized by extreme complexity, we apply a high degree of focus and commitment to every case. We always strive to give our clients the best advice consistent with their long-term interests.

And when a matter requires expertise we do not possess in-house, we bring on as co-counsel other lawyers and/or law firms with expertise in specialized areas.

Call Our Philadelphia Bet the Company Litigation Attorneys Today

These bet the company cases are complex and often span multiple jurisdictions and involve multiple regulatory agencies in many types of matters. Your lead attorney should be an experienced strategic thinker with deep skills, including negotiations and litigation.

At Jacobs Law Group, our extensive background in commercial and corporate legal matters enables us to better understand that litigation is not only a theoretical legal problem but is also a true business dilemma. We recognize the potential ill effects that litigation can have on a client’s business, and we are careful to counsel our clients to create solutions that serve their long-term best interests. We can put our extensive knowledge and years of experience in complex commercial litigation to work for you. Contact a Philadelphia bet the company lawyer at our firm to discuss your situation. We are honored by our clients’ trust in our skill and tenacity.

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