Endorsements And Testimonials
JLG Recovered over $20,000,000 for the Private Equity fund and our co-investors.

Acquisition Of Manufacturing Company Assets.

I first engaged Neal Jacobs to help me acquire the assets of a manufacturing company. We did this as a pre-packaged bankruptcy where I was the stalking horse bidder. During the process of acquiring the assets we faced multiple challenges including competing bidders, hostile unions, nailing down the deal, negotiating industrial development loans for the acquisition and proving to the Bankruptcy Judge we were the best bidder providing the greatest return to the creditors of the old manufacturing company. We actually had to prove this in a trial Neal Jacobs was instrumental in getting the deal approved and negotiating with all of the disparate parties. I highly recommend Neal Jacobs and his firm for your business and litigation needs.

Manufacturing Business Re-Established in Pennsylvania.

Founding Shareholder Finally Gets Paid.

Bet The Company: Freedom To Compete

Despite a Restrictive Covenant.

I run a metal manufacturing job shop in Pennsylvania. We have done work for office and educational furniture companies for decades. We even have our own line of furniture products. I was shocked when a customer claimed that I could no longer be in the educational furniture business due to a confidentiality agreement. The customer claimed that because we had done work for them, and because we had agreed to keep what they told us as confidential that we could not be in the educational school furniture business. I engaged Neal Jacobs and his firm to get us the right to compete and that just because we knew the inner workings of the customer’s products it didn’t mean we were using any of their “confidential info” in making our own products. We filed in Federal Court and tried the case in front of the Judge and the Jury and we prevailed! We won the right to compete and we have continued in the school furniture business ever since.

Business Divorce

Squeeze Out Litigation:

I was a founder of my company. We had a successful run of over 20 years, and we were achieving truly great things with tremendous earnings. Then I got “Pearl Harbored” — out of the blue, my partners sprung on me a demand that I retire and leave or they would force me out. Of course, then only my partners would share in the company profits. Not only that they threatened that I would I also have to take a payout far reduced from what I was entitled to. I was outraged but fearful I had no way to fight them. I consulted with Neal Jacobs and the Jacobs Law Group and they reviewed all of my agreements with the company and my fellow shareholders, and then they explained to me my rights under the agreements and the law of shareholder oppression (which I had never heard of before). Neal clearly explained the law, my rights, the economics of the situation, the legal fees to be incurred and the possible end results. I ended up fighting my fellow partners and the case went to trial. It was very stressful and after several weeks of trial, we presented our final witness – our damages expert. After that the defendants settled the case. In the end with the help of Neal and the other lawyers at JLG, I recovered over three times (3x) what had been offered me just a year before.

Trust And Estate Litigation:

Undue Influence in Making of Will.

I hired Neal Jacobs and the Jacobs Law Group to handle the most important legal issue in my life, safeguarding my inheritance. I cared for my parents and their land for more than thirty years. After their passing, my siblings filed suit claiming I had used undue influence on my parents to get the family farm. Mr. Jacobs and his co-counsel Amanda DiChello of the Klenk Law firm methodically proved all of the claims false, demonstrated that my mother’s last will had been properly drafted, obtained all of the evidence needed to win, tracked down all of the witnesses who had known my parents, unearthed all of their prior wills and demonstrated at trial exactly what my parents‘ wishes really were. I heartily endorse Neal Jacobs and the Jacobs Law Group for trust and estate litigation.

Recovery Of Private Equity Fund Investments;

Corporate Battle for Control:

Recovering on Frozen Investment: The private equity fund I was managing had inherited a holding of over $20,000,000 in investments made into a private company. The company’s management was unresponsive to the interests of the shareholders. In over ten years we had never received a dime of a return on our $20,000,000 investment. I attempted some initial discussions and was rebuffed. Neal Jacobs and his firm were recommended to me as the best corporate divorce lawyers in Philadelphia. Together we sought and fought over books and records, litigated in multiple states, Delaware, Pennsylvania, in the State and Federal Courts, forced the company to be responsive to shareholders and even engaged in a proxy fight. We fought for proxies in the USA, in the E.U., in the Cayman Islands and when we held proxies for almost 48% of the votes, with majority in sight, the private company cried uncle and we settled, recovering tens of millions of dollars for the private equity funds and other investors for whom we held proxies.

Bet The Company Litigation.

Founders Both Dead; Need to Save the Company:

After my dad and his partner both passed within ten months of each other, the widow of the first to die attempted to force the Company to buy back her shares under a 30 year old Shareholders’ Agreement, at five times (5x) the true value of the shares; a price that would have bankrupted the Company and forced it into laying off sixty (60) employees. I knew who we needed, Neal Jacobs. With his knowledge of business and the law he was able to prove at trial everything needed to get the old Shareholders Agreement thrown out, ending the threat to the Company. Not only that but Neal Jacobs also got the court to appoint a receiver to sell the Company to a buyer who preserved all of the jobs at the Company. Company saved, employee’s jobs saved. Job well done. I picked the right attorney for the job. Neal really cared about the Company and I can’t imagine anyone else who would have worked as hard as he did!

Bet the Company Litigation Won.

Doctor Heal Thyself.

I am a Board-Certified physician, specializing in dermatology. I have been in practice for over 30 years with multiple offices, multiple locations and over 50 employees.

I have used Neal Jacobs and his firm on multiple occasions. First when going through a business divorce with my former partner due to differences in philosophy and practice goals, Neal worked out terms that allowed us to split the practices and leave on amicable terms that permitted us both to thrive.

In litigation, when I had to sue the owners of a large company to whom I had previously sold my practice, Neal and his team led by Joe Profy obtained a judgment for me against the defendants for nearly $2,000,000. The entire process was managed superbly thanks to the Jacobs Law Group.

Recently, negotiating a new contract for my services with a multistate dermatology roll up, Neal and his colleague, Sam First, did a great job in securing me a fantastic employment agreement.

I have been very well represented in all these matters and the Jacobs Law Group has always performed beyond my expectations. I have referred many of my colleagues and others to Neal and his team for representation. I endorse them highly for their skill, their abilities and their fairness.

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