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What do you want in a commercial litigation attorney? Highly skilled litigation and trial lawyers with a record of success? Deep experience in business and the law? Skilled advocates with trial and arbitration experience? A burning desire to win?

Of course you do. And you’ll find it with the Jacobs Law Group Litigation Team. Our Philadelphia commercial litigation lawyers focus on disputes over investments, loans, partnerships, ownership interests, family businesses, and other complex business disputes.

Problems With Business Documents

Commercial disputes often arise when gaps, ambiguities and other problems are found with the underlying business documents which include:

Importance of Knowledge of Business and the Law

Contracts should set forth the parties’ respective expectations in the deal. But, sometimes agreements are not written down in a formal document.  Sometimes conflicts occur despite hundreds of pages of dense contract language. Also, deal terms informally change but the contracts are not updated. Not every litigator is equipped with the requisite skills for these disputes. Our skilled lawyers can determine whether you have a claim or a defense and handle your case.

Contracts can also be proven by course of conduct. Sometimes the key terms might be in a long-forgotten email. Our litigators have the tenacity to examine years’ of commercial dealings and tens of thousands of communications to determine if the parties’ agreed to certain terms which can change the outcome of the case.


Determining where you have leverage can be key step to a successful outcome.  This requires a deep dive into the business, you and your opponents. Leverage may be in a battle of attrition, or it may be in a surgical strike, with Temporary Restraining Orders and injunctions. It may be in timing of your Complaint to coincide with an important outside event, or it might even be in the other side’s fear of public exposure of incriminating information in court. Jacobs Law Group can decipher where you have leverage to work on developing a winning approach.

Sometimes litigation is best as leverage to get to a resolution. We often engage in hard fought litigation – constructing the case, preparing witnesses, and assembling documentary evidence, simultaneously with working on an out-of-court resolution. With help from the seasoned attorneys at the Jacobs Law Group, you may be able to resolve the matter without having to go through years of litigation.

We also look for implications arising from the litigation. Discovery can result in facts that implicate regulatory actions, professional licenses, and even criminal penalties. The Jacobs Law Group commercial litigators will advise you as important items are uncovered that affect you, your opponent, and the business.

Flexible Approaches for Resolution of Business Disputes

Litigation and arbitration are not the only methods of resolution. A negotiated settlement by our sophisticated attorneys can accomplish your goals. Settlement can result from direct negotiations and/or mediation. There are multiple times in the life of a litigation case where settlement discussions may be advantageous. We can help you in recognizing when these moments arise.

The Importance of Pre-Litigation Investigation

Our lawyers have seen a lot, in large and smaller cases, from financial and tax fraud to bribery and extortion, and most if not all of the “Seven Deadly Sins.” And we know where to find the evidence. Our trial attorneys know how to find outside experts: damages experts, forensic accountants to uncover financial wrongdoing, digital experts to discover and/or recover missing electronic data, etc.

Settle or Try the Case, You Make the Final Decision

As your commercial litigator we provide candid assessments and skilled counsel. But of course, litigation results can never be guaranteed. But, you the client always has the final decisions on whether to settle or try the case.

Bringing Commercial Cases to Court in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is our home office, and we are frequently in Federal Court and State Court in Philadelphia, often in Philadelphia’s specialized Commerce Court which hears business and commercial claims of the type we handle such as disputes for:

  • Breach of contract
  • Business control and ownership
  • Transactions governed by the Uniform Commercial Code
  • Employment breaches
  • Non-compete and non-disparagement actions
  • Theft of intellectual property
  • Complex, multi-party commercial disputes
  • Fiduciary matters
  • Family business and wealth disputes, and
  • Many other claims

Our Philadelphia lawyers have even been appointed by the Commerce Court in business disputes to act as “Judge Pro Tem” (overseeing settlement discussions).

Equipped to Represent Clients in Local and Far Away Venues

Business litigation may require being in court anywhere in the country. We have represented clients all across the country from here in the Northeast (i.e., New York, New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania) to California.

Sometimes there is a choice between state court and Federal Court. Our trial lawyers’ experience with both court systems allows us to find a favorable forum.

Trust Your Commercial Dispute to a Skilled Philadelphia Attorney

When a business disagreement threatens, you need the Jacobs Law Group’s skilled team of Philadelphia commercial litigation lawyers to handle your business dispute. Aggressive, successful, experienced, innovative trial lawyers and litigators comprise the Commercial Litigation Practice at Jacobs Law Group. We have successfully tried jury, non-jury and arbitration matters in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and elsewhere in the United States. Our commercial litigation attorneys in Pennsylvania and New Jersey have earned our reputation in our practice areas.

Consult our legal professionals by giving us a call today.

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