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Imperfect Solutions:

It’s a fact of life that middle market businesses periodically require routine general counsel legal services. Yet, they probably don’t need, nor can they likely afford, the astronomical fees associated with keeping in-house counsel. While retaining a national law firm as full-time general counsel is another option, this too can be prohibitively expensive as well as impersonal. All too often, when faced with these options, middle market businesses simply forego regular counsel; a route that invites serious complications, dangerous liability and potentially paralyzing costs. How, then, can closely held businesses satisfactorily meet their unique legal needs?

A Novel Legal Approach:

Having identified a lack of satisfactory solutions to the day-to-day corporate law needs of middle market businesses, Jacobs Law Group set out to craft a new approach. The result is our IGC.
The IGC provides a multi-faceted corporate law solution for the routine legal needs of closely held businesses. It offers flexible, personalized and sophisticated representation in a cost-effective fashion, allowing clients to save both time and money while avoiding unwanted hassle. So, what exactly is the IGC?

The IGC Explained:

The IGC is designed around the intricate legal needs of closely held middle market businesses. First, the client selects from one of our three IGC packages. Each package is a quarterly commitment to a preset number of hours of service. This commitment effectively retains Jacobs Law Group to handle all day-to-day legal matters that the business might encounter. These can range from employment agreements and leases to contract negotiations and licensing deals. In essence, the client keeps the firm on-call while reaping myriad benefits, which go above and beyond quality representation.

The Benefits:

While the IGC provides quality representation it goes even further as a value-added service. First and foremost the IGC provides a significant savings over our standard hourly fees. By committing to service in advance, clients take advantage of a special blended IGC billing rate. The larger the commitment, the larger the savings. Moreover, should a client exceed his or her allotted hours in a given quarter there is no need to worry about excessive overage charges since all additional time is also billed at a discounted rate.

The Benefits II:

The IGC, however, gives clients more than just financial savings. Since the IGC draws upon the unique and diverse experiences of our entire team of business lawyers and litigators the client receives a far wider range of competencies and skill-sets than they normally would with a traditional in-house counsel. We can offer significant experience across a broad spectrum of practice areas including: corporate, transactional, tax, IP and commercial litigation. In this fashion the IGC goes even further to give the client more value for his or her money.

The Benefits III:

The IGC is certainly a value-added service, but it should never be mistaken for a one-size fits all proposition. In fact, the IGC is a highly flexible and personalized program. Clients select the level of service that they need. No more, no less. Why pay a national law firm or an in-house counsel for work that isn’t required? It makes no sense for a closely held or emerging growth business to devote limited capital toward the staffing of a legal department, especially when their needs lie elswhere. We have identified these needs and created the IGC to meet them.

A Cost Comparison:

Profitable Clients, Profitable Relationships :
We sincerely believe that profitable relationships begin with profitable clients. In fact, this is the basis on which Jacobs Law Group was founded. The firm is committed to putting the interests of our clients above all else. As a firm our goal is to be more than mere lawyers; we strive to be a real value-added business partner for our closely held, emerging growth and middle market clients. Thus, the IGC is an extension of our client-oriented approach. It represents the essence of our philosophy and strengthens our commitment to personalization, quality and value.

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