“Bet the Company” Litigation

“Bet the Company” or "Bet the Farm" litigation, describes a very high stakes fight where the participants have staked it all.  Whether as a defendant or a plaintiff, this high stakes fight requires a sophisticated approach from attorneys experienced in the legal and business challenges at issue. A business involved in such a high-stakes outcome needs experienced and effective advocacy both in and out of the courtroom. These matters are not only complex, often involving multiple parties, but also are more delicate than the garden variety commercial or corporate dispute. The unique challenges of these litigations are further exacerbated by the conflicting interests of management, directors, key shareholder groups, employees, vendors and lenders. The Jacobs Law Group deals with “Bet the Company” matters with all of these stakeholders in mind.  And it may involve the attributes of a Honey Badger in a fight.

The skilled attorneys at the Jacobs Law Group are proficient in championing our clients’ causes in the courtroom and in the boardroom. We can deftly navigate the corporate governance and formalities that often arise in such cases. We are highly experienced in working closely with the business’s stakeholders and key employees.  And we have the tenacity to win the fight.

We understand that even when involved in a "Bet the Company" case, our clients still have a business to run. We work closely with our clients to develop a plan to allow the business to move forward during the litigation while managing the case and fighting for our client to win.

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