Matt Fair of Law360 recently covered a dispute between two brothers in the local real estate industry. Kenneth Dewey, represented by Neal Jacobs and Joshua Gelman of Jacobs Law Group, filed a complaint alleging that his brother, John had conspired to squeeze him out of several jointly owned businesses in violation of his own employment agreement.

Kenneth and John Dewey went into business together in 1990 after founding Dewey Properties Inc. The complaint described the situation as such:

“Defendants employed a 'carrot and stick' approach with Ken Dewey. "They represented and held out the tantalizing prospect of getting liquidity for his interests in Dewey Cos. at an earlier date to enable him to move on with his life, while they also threatened him with ruinous litigation and termination of his salary and all remuneration from Dewey Cos. if he did not cooperate in getting their critical Dewey Co. deals done."

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