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Commercial and Corporate Litigation

Our litigators represent many successful businesses, privately held companies, shareholders and investors in many types of commercial and corporate disputes. Whether it is “bet-the-company” litigation, recovering investments, seeking damages for shareholder oppression, or a mere commercial dispute, Jacobs Law Group can successfully navigate the hazardous waters of adjudicating your case before a Judge, Jury, or Arbitrator. At Jacobs Law Group, unlike many of our competitors, we are not just paper litigators, we actually relish trying cases.

However, we recognize the business imperatives and litigation is not always the answer. Sometimes a more deft hand is required and we are able to guide many of our clients' disputes into advantageous settlements without the need for litigation.

The lawyers at Jacobs Law Group have been or are involved in many litigation matters, the following of which is a representative sampling:

Commercial and Corporate Litigation






Commercial dispute between medical practice and billing company for negligent delivery of billing services

Breach of contract, negligence, medical billing

Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas

$3.0 MM +

Plaintiff's counsel

Business Divorce Shareholder Relations Dispute over control and profits from family business in publishing business.

Alleged breaches of partnership and shareholder agreements; breach of fiduciary duty; waste of assets, other business torts

Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas

$500 K Asserted

Defendants' counsel

Collection Action against real estate developers over failed real estate project

Breach of Guaranty

Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas

$7.0 MM

Defendant's counsel

Collection Action against CEO's corporation that borrowed money from CEO's relative

Breach of Contract Rescission

Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas

$1.5 MM

Plaintiff's counsel

Business Divorce Restaurant break up. Dispute between members of restaurant company over profits, losses, distributions and redemption of share interest.

Breach of contract, business torts

Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas

$250 K

Defendants' counsel

Business Divorce. Client sought to exercise an option to acquire shares of other shareholders and sought a declaratory judgment as to his right to do so.

Specific Performance

New Jersey Superior Court

Specific Performance

Plaintiff's counsel

Executive wrongful termination. Executive from public company who uncovered fraud terminated as part of house cleaning by corporate entity.

Breach of Employment Agreement, Defamation

American Arbitration Association

$1.0 MM +

Claimant's counsel

Qui Tam Subject Confidential

Fraud on Government

United States District Court

Amount not disclosed

Relator's Co-Counsel

Qui Tam Subject- Confidential

Health Care Fraud on Government

United States District Court

$30.0 MM +

Relator's Counsel

Shareholder Relations. Fraud in connection with buyout of shareholders premised on information deliberately withheld and/or falsified.

Securities Law Fraud Shareholder Oppression, Breach of Fiduciary Duty, Fraud

Third Circuit Court of Appeals

$1.5 MM+

Appellant's counsel

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