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Client Success Stories

Helping an Offshore Private Equity Fund Hold a $10 Million Equity Investment Company Accountable to its Shareholders

Our client, an offshore private equity fund, had acquired another fund’s investment portfolio. The portfolio included a $10 million equity investment in a U.S. company. Over ten years, the investment had failed to yield any return. Read more...

Empowering a Principal Operator to Resolve a Shareholders’ Dispute Through a Leveraged Buyout of a $25 Million Business

Our client, the principal operator of a successful $25 million company on the East Coast, was in a mutually unhappy relationship with the company’s other three shareholders, who were based on the West Coast. Communication between the partners had failed. Read more...

Stopping a Former Partner from Competing and Interfering with a Demolition and Asbestos Removal Company’s Business

Our client, the principal owner of a successful demolition and asbestos removal business worth about $10 million, had previously made his company’s accountant a partner in the business. Their relationship later deteriorated, however, and the partner left the company while retaining his ownership stake. Read more...

Saving Shareholders from a Shareholder Agreement Buyout Price that Would Bankrupt Company

The death of a founder is a sad and even traumatic event for any company. It should not, however, throw the company into chaos. When that happened to a Jacobs Law Group client, our corporate lawyers were able to save the company and the remaining shareholders’ value from oblivion. Read more...

Helping an Asset Litigation Company Recover Profits from a Multinational Corporation While Avoiding Litigation and Regulatory Violations

Our client, an asset disposal company, had bid successfully for what promised to be a lucrative contract disposing of surplus assets for the worldwide operations of a multinational corporation. The job would require the disposal company’s team to travel across the world to survey, inventory, appraise and liquidate equipment and other property. Read more...

Recovery of $5 Million in Future Earn-out of Franchise Sell-Back

Our clients, the owners of a franchise business, came to us seeking replacement counsel after their case already was in federal court. The case centered around a franchise sell-back that had left our clients with a $7 million loss. Read more...

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