PBM Litigation Team

The Jacobs Law Group announces the formation of its "PBM Litigation Team" a highly skilled experienced group of litigation attorneys with a strong history of winning trials and settlements in other prior matters.  The JLG PBM Litigation Group works together to investigate PBM wrongdoing against (i) independent pharmacists (brought to our attention by clients, prospective clients and others), (ii) non-ERISA Plan Sponsors (municipalities, religious institutions, and other plan sponsors), and (iii) consumers.  If our investigation yields support to pursue a claim against the PBM and the clients desire to proceed, we then will plan and prosecute litigation on behalf of our clients.


The pharmaceutical distribution and pricing (reimbursement) regimen is a uniquely complicated structure and requires attorneys dedicated to practicing in this field.   Here, the JLG PBM Litigation Team is led by Mark Cuker, Esq. who has devoted the last seven years to understanding this industry, the key role played by Independent Pharmacies in the health of the nation,  and how the money flows (or more aptly stated, how it should flow but often does not) and the key role played by PBMs in the financial aspects of this industry:  from setting MAC reimbursement prices, to which drugs get listed on the formulary, to maintaining multiple formularies, to negotiating pricing and rebates in connection with drugs getting listed on the formulary, to imposing clawbacks on the independent pharmacies, to taking spreads on drug pricing, to siphoning off customers from independent pharmacies to go to the PBM mail order pharmacy, to etc.


JLG understands that the PBM industry hides behind a wall of secrecy and onerous arbitration clauses and thus that has been the first battle.  A battle the JLG PBM Litigation Team has now won three times in 2021!   (Federal Court in Pennsylvania, state court in California and even in the Illinois Supreme Court).


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