No one likes to bring their work home. But when it comes to running a family-owned business, the line between work and home often becomes blurred. And when legal and financial issues arise within the workplace, sound and reasonable business judgment is quickly replaced by family relations and emotions.
Recently, a small community in Phoenix, Arizona was shaken after a gunman shot and killed his two brothers, mother and sisters-in-law before taking his own life. Upon investigation, the Phoenix police learned that the gunman acted as a result of a business dispute that arose between him and his brothers.1
While the events that transpired in Phoenix are clearly on the extreme end of the spectrum, the fact of the matter is that family members often fail to realize the need for legal and financial help when running a small business together. Here at Jacobs Law Group, we recognize the unique challenges that family members face when they work together. Sibling rivalry, generational differences, corporate structure and governance, succession planning, and retirement are just a few of the challenges our team can help you address. Most importantly, our firm can help facilitate the legal and financial guidance you need to preserve your family integrity and limit the risk of future conflict.