Career Transition Planning for Executives, Professionals and Teams

We help executives, professionals and teams plan for career changes and new opportunities.  We bring skilled business and legal judgment honed by years of practice to ease our clients through these challenging and yet rewarding career transitions. We understand that breaking the bonds that tie you to a long-time employer and to your old colleagues or partners is never an easy task, nor undertaken lightly.

But when that organization is no longer suited to your practice, your career, or your ambitions, a move forward must be taken. We provide keen legal insight of the laws applicable to your situation whether found in Employment Agreements, Non-Compete Agreements, Partnership Agreements, Stock Award Agreements, Invention Agreements, Profit Sharing Plans, statutory enactments, or under common law. We take into account not just the legal obligations under contract but we also analyze the fiduciary duties for our clients who are officers and directors and how they impact the career choices they urgently desire.

But we don’t leave the analysis there. We analyze the business options open to you considering the likely outcome of any legal battle. We also assess how your old firm or employer will initially view the situation and consider tactics to bring them to an amicable arrangement.

We consider your vested and unvested options, stock grants, RSU's, ISU's, profit sharing and other incentive compensation.

We have represented medical doctors, medical scientists, and medical pharmaceutical researchers resigning and transitioning out of, inter alia:
Orthopaedic practices
Orthopaedic surgical groups
Hospital trauma groups
Dermatology practices
Pharmaceutical companies
Hospital practices
Oncology practices
Research positions
We have represented lawyers and accountants resigning and transitioning out of, inter alia:
International law firms
Regional law firms
Local law firms
Regional accounting firms

We have represented executives (C-Level and others) resigning and transitioning out of, inter alia:
Recruiting firms
Consulting firms
Private equity firms
Mining and industrial drilling firms
Petroleum companies
Banking companies
Technology companies
Start ups
Cable and telecommunication industry companies

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