Business Divorce and Shareholder Relations

The Business Divorce practice at Jacobs Law Group is recognized as one of leading groups of its kind in this rapidly expanding niche. Through his extensive and groundbreaking work in the field, Founding Attorney Neal Jacobs has helped bring the discipline of business divorce to the forefront of matters involving business disputes in closely held companies.

This practice, often immensely complex and highly emotional in nature, has become more and more prominent in recent years. Due to the characteristic intricacy of business divorce matters they demand a special level of experience and understanding. To effectively handle the sorts of disputes that often arise in cases involving business divorce it is necessary to first separate the personal relationships from the business relationship in question. Focusing on the hostility and ill will that likely exist between partners and shareholders occurs at the expense of the client’s immediate and long-term business goals. Our experience has shown that taking a step back and calmly analyzing the legal issues of the case is a prerequisite to the successful representation of clients and their interests. Keeping the client focused on the business ramifications of the case, and looking out for their interests as opposed to those of his or her estranged partners, requires a certain practiced skill. We don’t allow our representation and advice to get bogged down in the personal differences that arise between principals.

Our extensive experience and special skills have been developed through our representation of clients in numerous matters involving complex business disputes in partnerships, closely held corporations and family owned businesses. Embracing a multi-disciplined approach we employ a wide range of methods, including negotiation, mediation, arbitration and litigation, to resolve matters in a favorable and cost-effective manner for our clients.

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