Business Divorce and Shareholder Relations

JLG is a leader in Business Divorce situations.  Neal Jacobs' extensive success in ownership disputes includes deals to buy or sell companies and/or ownership interests.  Mr. Jacobs success has made JLG a go-to option for business owners dealing with problem partners.

Mr. Jacobs brings a huge tool kit from which to select options for his clients to help them achieve their goals. For example, Mr. Jacobs has innovated provisions in Shareholder and Operating Agreements to deal with possible "parasitic partners" and even to provide for "no-fault" divorce provisions.  Plus, Mr. Jacobs has also devised corporate and business divisions to separate out the warring owners.  And when arbitration is called for, Mr. Jacobs has created custom arbitration provisions.

Business divorce practice is immensely complex and highly emotional in nature demanding an understanding of business, corporate law and the individuals involved.  To effectively handle shareholder and owner disputes JLG's attorneys take a holistic approach.  We examine not just the business and the ownership structure, but the individuals, their motivations, emotions and personalities.

Our special skills have been developed through decades of experience in ownership disputes in partnerships, closely held corporations and family owned businesses. Embracing a multi-disciplined approach we employ a wide range of methods, including negotiation, mediation, arbitration and litigation, to resolve matters for our clients.

Neal Jacobs has chaired the Business Divorce Seminar for the Pennsylvania Bar Institute for 20 years, is a member of the American Bar Association's ( ABA) subcommittee on  Business Divorce and is presenting on Business Divorce to the ABA Business Law Convention in Atlanta in 2022.

How can we help you in your business ownership issues?

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